[PLEASE READ]Cash Trading Guidelines

Good day to all Warfarians,

In efforts to increase freedom for all the players, the Warfare Online management team has decided to permit cash trading for medals only. There are guidelines set in place to reduce scams from occurring.

Guidelines of cash trading

You are required to post your trade in the forum/cash trading
Link: https://forum.warfareonline.net/c/cash-trading

We require all cash trades to be posted in the Cash trading section in the forums before they take place. This is to reduce the number of scams and to ensure the identity of the buyer and seller, Failure to comply will result in your account being suspended.

Only Medal to Cash or Cash to Medal is allowed

Since medal has become the primary store of value and also the main currency in the game, it has been decided that cash trading will only be allowed on medals only. Warfarians may proceed to buy items from players using the medals purchased with real cash or vice versa. Warfarians are not allowed to cash trade items, this is done to protect the value of medals in game. Attempting to cash trade anything besides medals will result in your account being suspended.

Maximum transaction value of only USD 150 or equivalent

We would also like to strongly emphasize on having maximum transaction value of only USD 150 each time. This is to prevent players from getting scammed in large amounts.

Account Selling is prohibited and could result in a ban

Selling of accounts is strictly prohibited and it could result in the account getting banned. This is for the safety of buyers from being potentially scammed as accounts can always be recovered by the owner at any given time.

The management will not investigate lost items / scams

Always buy and trade with trusted parties. Only buy what you can afford to lose. You bare full responsibility of trade outcomes. The management will not investigate lost items / scams. Buy and Sell with caution.

Lets all celebrate the new era of freedom in Warfare Online

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