Patch Compilation

Hello Warfare Online Community,
Here is the list of the patches that we’ve been through and the growth of our game through the years.

RYL Warfare v950
May 9th, 2010, 3:14 am

Patch Notes:

  1. Improve game engine performance
  2. Attacker arm’s are boosted
  3. Fix compatibility issues
  4. Enthusiast items can’t be enhance now
  5. New maps added, for guild war event coming soon
  6. Fix other minor bugs.
  7. Buttons on launcher are working fine.
  8. More updates coming in the next patch.

RYL Warfare v952
May 9th, 2010, 3:54 pm

Patch Notes:

  1. Improve game engine performance
  2. Attacker arm’s are boosted
  3. Fix compatibility issues
  4. Enthusiast items can’t be enhance now
  5. New maps added, for guild war event coming soon
  6. Fix other minor bugs.
  7. Buttons on launcher are working fine.
  8. More updates coming in the next patch.

RYL Warfare v952 to v982
July 6th, 2010, 8:28 pm

Patch Notes:
1.Boost trophies, change to 1h for humans
2.Add offhands for warriors
3.change priest BA to cast
4.Add quest claim NPC
5.Nerf all in game boss rings, boost donation rings.
6.Move arena teleports to cz and vit.
7.Boost shadow off AOE boom
8. Add new mobs in cz and vit that drops special items such as socks :smiley:
9. All 1h weapons on human side are boosted and skill books for humans are only for 2H weapons
10. New donation armor with new textures and stats (GODLIKE)
11. Added new arms in blackmarket in WK
12. 155 arms upgraded to 165 with new textures and stats same as the original 165
13. All templer arms are 160.
14. Offhands are sold at a high price in the NPC and also a high enhance price. It is also dropped by the new mobs in vitory.
15. Added new donation rings, and ipod( Works as a sock ) :smiley:
16. New warrior combo texture skill update
17. New sexy bra texture for human side females.
18. Dramatically increased droprate for ahkan arms all over map 3
19. Warriors are unable to use shields while using offhands to prevent over power issues.

RYL Warfare v1032
September 15th, 2010, 9:05 am

Patch Notes:

  1. Add new teleports to cz/vit and save points
  2. Add new rings and necklace upgrade system
  3. All socks will be converted into broken moons that can be upgraded by vouchers which you will obtain them from boss drops, or completing a quest.
  4. Added around 12(written from scratch) new challenging and fun quests which will reward you some mysterious helmets with a unique defense calculation, new graphics and vouchers for rings,necklaces and broken moon enhancements. Look for Phantom Mask, Talib and The Boss Slayer.
  5. Adding new bosses, new mobs for quests
  6. Fix DC problems when changing maps
  7. Plan to add new emotions
  8. Stacking skills will be much harder and also this will reduce overpowered issues.
  9. Adding new awesome arm textures for akkan side.
  10. A new game interface with new graphics will be added as well.
  11. Castles graphics will be updated :smiley:
  12. Attacker’s energy absorb boosted
  13. Added new textures for humans swords,axe,blunts,bows,crossbows and shields.
  14. Added new textures for all officiator weapons
  15. Fix some messed up weapons.
  16. Kept NPC’s such as Tonic merchants and Ultimate armor blackmarkets in WK/AK.
  17. New donation items will be released.
  18. Vitory and Clauzhuz has been modified and it has a beautiful scenery now and wider space best for PVP.
  19. New motions for many classes
  20. Many more surprises coming up, prepare for a world new world of RYL1.

RYL Warfare v1032 to v1033
September 17th, 2010, 2:38 am

Patch Notes:

  1. Wiped all +3 Moon cresent.
  2. Fixed Moon cresent NPC.
  3. Increase combo strike AOE.
  4. Change motion for male warriors back to original.
  5. We have more surprises

RYL Warfare full patch v1033
September 20th, 2010, 2:28 am

Patch Notes:

  1. Updated game guard version
  2. Fix a few compatibility problems with windows vista and windows 7
  3. Server has been upgraded to a better host.

Patch v1070
May 10th, 2011, 1:04 am

Patch Notes:

  1. Increased metal cap to 250
  2. Increase gems and tonic cap to 200
  3. Added convert system for 1kx3 metals to packages(Metal Chest) It can be converted again into metals,
    with this system ,Players can now trade more than 100kx3 at once.
  4. Added NEW 145/165 armors in the Queen’s blackmarket in MAP 2 for both races.
  5. Added teleport scroll to SKY Edinburgh, Edinburgh and GPV.
  6. Fix defender backcut on 1h.
  7. Added up to 30 new QUEST.
  8. Added New +3/3A/3B rings.
  9. Added New advance cresent moon
  10. Bosses now drops +2 jewels,Golden Jewelry Ang Pau, Ancient Pearl and Golden Crescent Moon Ang Pau.
  11. Boosted Templers and Enchanters
  12. Fix necklace of heath upgrading.
  13. Added battle lohan( Near the current arena teleports in MAP 3 )
  14. Added Map 2 teleports for the opposite race near the arena teleport for both races.
  15. Change the original sound of gunner and archer
  16. Pearl’s are drop by the new monsters in GPV, the Kappa monsters.
  17. All godlike textures updated.
  18. Updated The boss slayer’s quest, now gives new items such as the Golden Jewelry Ang Pau, Ancient Pearl and Golden Crescent Moon Ang Pau.
  19. A and B items are dead items which cannot be upgraded anymore.
  20. Superior Alchemist gives out +3 rings now which can be upgraded again in the Godlike Alchemist.
  21. Many more surprises in the patch, play now to find out yourself!

Patch v1070 to v1080(Updated)
July 12th, 2011, 3:59 pm

Patch Notes:

  1. Charm of defense quest fixed
  2. Necklace of heath quest Akkan side fixed
  3. Fixed the quest reward for the hero’s boss slayer side on humans.
  4. Added Gem Chest= 250x5
  5. Increase amount of scrolls to 200 per 1 metal chest
  6. Adding CZ/VIT/ak/wk scrolls. One gem chest for cz/vit scrolls. AK/WK will require only the metal chest. Players will get 200 scrolls.
  7. Race balance adjusted
  8. Removing battle lohan teleports until crash issue is fix
  9. Decrease relief cool down for officiators( makes it faster)
  10. Boosted acolytes(Priest and clerics)
  11. Updated the Arena map.

Patch v1116 details(Updated)
September 20th, 2012, 2:22 am

For those running windows vista/7, you are recommended to follow this guide to prevent any problems.
If you get any gameguard errors or gameguard does not load after clicking Warfare, restart your pc , let only RYL be running in your pc, close every other running application that might be conflicting with gameguard.

Patch Notes:

  1. Changed priest buff to instant/Effects party members only(Much slower Cool down)
  2. Decrease CD for relief and summon(Slighly faster)
  3. Made priest MP skill to faster, so they can heal others with MP.
  4. Changed song of battle skill to instant with CD, same with other similar skills.
  5. AK/WK/vit/cz updated.
  6. Remove map 3 foggy effects.
  7. AK/WK npc rearranged to suit new map layout.
  8. Removed invisible wall behind vitory.
  9. Changed default launcher message(Players should read the launcher for updates,events,etc)
  10. Changed gem chest texture
  11. Added G tonics, Giant gems.
  12. Added mystery giant gem chest into drop rates(Has a low % to drop G gems)
  13. Added Distill water(G) in vitory and cz general item merchants.
  14. Added giant gem chest convert system
  15. Added new godlike design for akkans, 1 set for combatant, 1 set for officiator.
  16. Added visual 1-19 int on all Rune off scythe’s.
  17. Fixed arena respawn bug(Click yes if you receive the respawn location popup)
  18. Added general item merchant npc in arena.
  19. Added arena towers back.
  20. Adjusted Gold price on certain items(+0 rings the jewelry shop and M TONICS/CANDY in AK/WK, There will be gold boost few times a month)
  21. Changed texture for arena(purple) and str tonic(orange)
  22. Fixed 136 con shield item inventory grid error.
  23. Fixed enyo right arm 2 texture bug.
  24. Redesigned shadow’s boom, they should be able to boom running enemies from behind using mouse mode.
  25. Readjusted block calculation
  26. Dagger offhands are boosted, assassins will require to use them in order to deal good damage. (CON assassins should start using offhands in order to deal good damage)
  27. Added MANY new event items in game for special events
  28. Fixed over 20++ minor bugs
  29. Many more surprises!

v1116 to v1117 launcher bug fix
October 28th, 2012, 7:24 pm

Patch Notes:

  1. launcher fix patch, please run RYL Warfare first, than install this patch to fix the launcher bug. All players are recommended to download and install this.

V1137 small patch
January 22nd, 2013, 6:50 pm

Patch Notes:

  1. Fixed arena re-spawn bug
  2. Added items back to arena tower(Require medals to purchase)
  3. Arena gives medals now, 10 medals per minute only if all 3 towers owned by a race.
  4. Reduced attackers skill damage on buffed characters
  5. Boosted attackers energy absorb skill damage
  6. Faster cool down for Blessed armor(Priest skill)
  7. Reduced tonics and jewel prices in AK/WK
  8. Added battle lohan with a redesigned map(Beside arena teleporter)
  9. Added crafting ability to turn fragments and small gems into L tonics.
    [50 gem fragments + 1 L Distilled tonic(L)= 1x tonic(L)///5 small gems + 1 Distilled tonic(L)= 1L tonic(L)]
  10. Added health bars
  11. Updated AK mini map view
  12. Reduced CZ snow terrain brightness
  13. Updated textures of “Beyond Godlike Helm”
  14. Fixed Priest psalm of courage/lvl 1/2 skills
  15. Fixed stall gold rollover(You can now display your items in your stall if you have 4B of gold)
    16 Players can now sell their items back to the NPC again
  16. Changed shadows blaze skill effect back to default.
  17. Increase gold value for L tonics
  18. Candy stack is now 200
  19. Donation jewels fail rate reduced, less chances of becoming iron now
  20. Added different drop textures for Teddy bear, Mystery Giant gem chest, Mystery Gem chest
  21. Drop rate readjusted, it is easier to obtain metals and gems now.
  22. A lot more surprises coming up

v1139 Small patch
February 20th, 2013, 12:23 am

Patch Notes:

  1. Arena spawn locations is nearer for both races, enjoy less walking and more PVP
  2. Fix arena resolution problem, so all resolutions can see arena statue status only.
  3. Added save locations in arena(Camp guard)
  4. Increased Arena medal rate to 30 medals per minute if all towers owned by a race.
  5. Fixed Arena G pot description
  6. Fixed beryl description

v1145 small patch
June 27th, 2013, 6:44 am

Patch notes :

  1. Fixed gameguard problems
  2. Fixed windows 8 compatibility problems
  3. Fixed some minor bugs.

v1178 small patch
July 18th, 2013, 12:34 pm

Patch notes :

  1. Updated the arena map
  2. Changed re spawn points in arena map
  3. Added dragon vault to the arena
  4. Increased arena medal rate to 50 per minute
  5. Added new mobs(Metamorphic) in the arena(these mobs will drop new gems that can be crafted to STR/Arena tonics)
  6. Added new mobs(Metamorphic) in map 3 around Wirts keep and addon keep(High G gem drop rate, and one of the metamorphic drops TOS)
  7. Added new mobs(Ore mineral, Gem mineral) high droprate for metals and ores
  8. The metamorphic and mineral mobs cannot be attacked by PP players :slight_smile:
  9. Slightly improved crown trophy, and trophy stats to make them more valuable,add 1% critical
  10. Added new NPC Beyond godlike alchemist in AK/WK for upgrading +4 jewels
  11. Added new NPC master craftsmen in AK/WK for upgrading +2 charms
  12. Added New NPC ultimate moon enhancer fin AK/WK for upgrading advance cresent moon
  13. Changed priest bless armor skill back to cast/added a small aoe for lvl 1/2 skills
  14. Reduced M tonic and Jewel price
  15. Add light points with many teleporters to map 3 in zone 11 ground for people who fall down :smiley:
  16. Increase other mystery candy stack to 200
  17. Fixed minor bugs
  18. Many new items for future events

V1180 small patch
July 31st, 2013, 9:45 pm

Patch notes :

  1. Added ketupats in the drop rate
  2. Right click ketupats and stance a chance to get the new gems(Amethyst, Andesine)
  3. Amethyst(mix with distill tonic to get arena tonic)
  4. Andesine(mix with distill tonic to get strengthen tonic)
  5. Ketupat also drops kurma, and another type of ketupat that heals HP/MP

v1205 small patch
October 4th, 2013, 11:06 pm

Patch notes :

  1. Increased map 3 party fame rate
  2. Temporarily boosted EXP rate on map 1, map 2, map 3
  3. Increased kurma, ketupat ,peach, mandarin stack to 200
  4. Increased Heart shape chocolate, chocolate, white chocolate stack to 200
  5. Slightly reduced medal price of teleport scroll in Arena
  6. Added up to 18 new helmets(Rampage), only drops by Diablo, it has same stats as D helmets.
  7. Boosted +4A/+4B jewelries stats
  8. Fix rune off conjuring skill
  9. Redesigned weapon enforce skill to be more balance
  10. Fixed some other minor bugs.

v1205 client
November 24th, 2013, 1:14 pm

Patch notes :

  1. Client Update

v1302 small patch
October 1st, 2014, 3:58 am

Patch notes :

  1. Ingame BGL helmets renamed to Immortal helmets, HPR AND MPR boosted slightly
  2. Improved droprate for weapons
  3. All 1h weapons in human race stats readjusted, players are required to learn 1h skill books for better damage.
  4. Lvl 4 skill books for 1h WEAPONS only temporarily added in vitory, human side only.
  5. Removed offhands NPC shop from WK and also from droprate
  6. Offhand stats readjusted.
  7. Human race can now equip up to 2x 1h weapons just as default RYL1
  8. Slightly reduced warriors combo strike AOE
  9. Slightly increased templers fatal attack AOE
  10. Removed (OLD) daggers
  11. Added a new fame logo(1500000 fame), Ace logo.
  12. Added new rampage blackmarket for armors in arena.
  13. Added new rampage quest in AK/WK
  14. New monsters added based on rampage quest(Good luck finding them)
  15. Bosses drop new types of rampage helmets
  16. Added two new maps in battle lohan for different gameplay.
  17. Updated in game dialogues for a more mature gameplay
  18. Disabled lohan visitor entering
  19. Disabled Dueling in lohan only
  20. Fixed invisible bug which causes timer to not reset.
  21. Fix arena status on custom resolution
  22. Increase stack to 200 for santa tonics
  23. Item stack on all chest,pearls, ang pau limited to 15(Please re arrange your chests to 15 to prevent bugs)
  24. Item stack on all metals limited to 200(Please arrange your metals again to 200 to prevent bugs)
  25. Changed song of battle, priest aura to CHANT mode, you are required to press on skill to activate instead of right click
  26. Improve game client code for better performance.
  27. Fixed many minor bugs
  28. Added new donation items

v1310 small patch
October 25th, 2014, 2:20 am

Patch notes :

  1. Readjusted rampage armor stats for mage/rogue ONLY
  2. Slightly boosted BGL armor stats(+50 HP/MP, +1 MR, +1 STAT ATTRIBUTE)
  3. Fixed invisible bug cooldown problem
  4. Changed arena respawn to instant
  5. Fix many weapon blackmarket fail to buy item errors
  6. Slightly nerfed all monsters related to the rampage quest
  7. Fixed several minor bugs.

V1321 small patch
June 17th, 2015, 8:42 pm

Patch notes :

  1. Upgraded server host
  2. Fixed screen resolution for in game announcement
  3. Moved skill charging bar position to the center of the screen
  4. Added gold token exchange NPC in Vitory and Clauzhuz
  5. Improved game client packaging (reduces false positive from certain antivirus)
  6. Fixed texture error for 1H blunt in human race
  7. Added Magic Intensified skill for Priest
  8. Fixed other minor bugs and glitches

v1321 Full client
September 1st, 2015, 1:39 pm

  1. Fix false positives
  2. Improve client execution performance

V1321_V1411 Patch
April 9th, 2017, 4:29 am

Patch notes

  1. Added new Ace/Guild war Trophies
  2. Players may now combine their charms and cresent moon in with the charm engineer in AK/WK. Cresent charm has special stats, players who equips a cresent donation item will have a cape attached to them
  3. Added new Immortal items(Top class reward)
  4. Added new donation item “Annihilator”(Gold version of our current BGL set with the same stats)
  5. Added Rampage weapons blackmarket in Arena (190/167 stats, weapons have an additional +1 damage/ea/crit/block, arms have an additional +1 damage/ea/ed/mr)
  6. Added weapons/armors for newbies(Firstblood set), NPC located in AK/WK sold in medals in a cheap price, this is to attract many new players.
  7. Edinburgh is now a marketplace for both races(Bosses that were previously in edin are moved outside)
  8. E lvl bonus re-calibrated, this improves game balance tremendously
  9. Added new skill for templars (Frenzy Strike/Lvl 4 book for this skill is sold in WK/CZ)
  10. Improved Archer’s skill damage
  11. Reduced cool down period for Defense & Attack tonics only
  12. Improved game engine & graphic performance (Supports up to 4K resolution, this feature can be adjusted in launcher setup)
  13. Added a feature to turn off all skills, this is for players who have DC issues with a nvidia GPU(This can be done in launcher setup)
  14. Added a new graphic feature “Fog” (This can be turned on in launcher setup)
  15. Game engine no longer supports low texture resolution
  16. Improved motion blur and added sepia view for characters that go in stealth(To turn this on, run launcher setup, turn On “Screen”)
  17. Increase game grass range view(To turn this on, run launcher setup, “turn on grass”)
  18. Updated BGM for all maps
  19. Updated New launcher graphics/soundtrack
  20. Valuable items(Donations,GL,BGL,RAMPAGE and other valuable items) may not be dropped.
  21. Added new teleporter to Map 3 in Battle Lohan
  22. Fix certain bugs on nvidia drivers which causes frame rate to go down while looking at the sun.
  23. Many minor bug fixes
  24. Improved game engine coding, which reduces false positives by antiviruses
  25. Disabled character collision
  26. Warning, metal vault split bug has not be fixed yet, should be fixed by this month, so please be very careful and do not split items from your vault.
  27. Fixed bugs from v1402

V1412 Full client
April 18th, 2017, 12:55 am

Please download and install the latest Warfare online client in a new folder. Our game files are protected with an anti-tampering technology, certain antiviruses may mistakenly identify some of the game files as a threat.
Please either disable your antivirus or add our game folder to your antivirus exclusion list.
Download accelerators are recommended if you would want to resume the download.

V1412_V1466 Patch Notes
December 1st, 2017, 2:57 am

Patch Notes:

  1. Almighty Land has been redesigned(Please purchase skyedinburgh teleport scrolls from the NPC Zero in map3)
  2. Added player status in Almighty Land
  3. Added a new NPC in Skyedinburgh called Akasha, this NPC sells teleport scrolls to towns in the Almighty Land
  4. Added general item merchants,vault and teleporters in Almighty land
  5. Fixed skill bug when skill effects off.
  6. In game graphics are sharper now.
  7. Added 21 new bosses in the Almighty Land which gives higher EXP compared to bosses in Caernovan!

V1412_V1540 Patch
June 7th, 2019, 9:57 pm

Patch notes:


  1. Added NEW Warlord fame rank at 6M
  2. Added a NEW trading zone : Mercatura
  3. NEW mechanic: Anti guild in Almighty land
  4. Added in game Newbie Guide(Guardian) NPC for tutorial for
  5. Updated manhunt gameplay In the Arena
  6. Updated (L) Map Interface to guide new players


  1. Moved all quests NPCs related to upgrading jewels, charms, moons, cresent charms to AK/WK
  2. Added NEW Mercatura Teleport NPC in Vitory and Clauzhuz
  3. Relocated Rampage NPC to the NEW trading zone, Mercatura
  4. Added NEW Level 4 Book Shop for all spells in Vitory , Clauzhuz, Addon Keep, Wirtz Keep
  5. Added Almighty Land Teleport NPC in the Teleporter center (Press L to view the map)
  6. Added NEW Medal token exchange NPC in Vitory and Clauzhuz. Medal tokens are account bound, it is only used to transfer medals within the same account.
  7. Added a new NPC called Cresent Charm Alchemist in AK and WK


  1. Added a NEW Equilibrium quest in AK/WK. Talk to the Cresent charm Alchemist to create a Cresent charm with a 100% success rate
  2. Reduced Cresent Moon Ang Pau quest difficulty
  3. Reduced Jewelry Ang Pau quest difficulty
  4. Reduced the Charm of Magic quest difficulty
  5. Reduced the Charm of Durability quest difficulty
  6. Reduced Level 96 quest requirements
  7. All Charm quest can now be repeatedly taken once completed


  1. Added a NEW Sentry Armor and Weapon set(Newbie items) which is old in medals
  2. Changed Firstblood Armor and Weapon set unit price to be sold for gold instead of medals
  3. Reduced Rampage blackmarket prices down to 50%
  4. Added 3 new NON donation cresent charms, non donation cresent charms do not have capes.
    -Cresent Charm of Bless,Cresent Charm of Armor, Cresent Charm of Priest
  5. Boosted Charm of Armor(Donation) and Crescent Charm of Armor (Donation) stats
  6. Boosted ALL donation mask and normal mask stats:
    Pumpkin Mask, Scream Mask, Shaman skull Mask, Silver Wolve Mask, Funky Cat Mask and Snowman Mask
  7. Updated Tears of Sparda Item description


  1. Guild withdrawal process gets completed after 30 seconds
  2. Peace Party can no longer attack a boss and mini boss
  3. Removed auto peaceparty within Edinburg Castle
  4. Updated Launcher and added forum quick link
  5. Removed Caernarvon AFK Auto-teleport to Edin


  1. Fixed Battle Lohan room bugs and glitches
  2. Fixed duplicate Boss spawns in Map 2 (Sainna and Misery Island)
  3. Fixed Blacksmith - BGL Armor enhancement price not displaying correctly
  4. Fixed character skill execution during slowed
  5. Fixed priest mana skill error
  6. Fixed teleport bug issues
  7. Fixed interface issues on high DPI
  8. Fixed client vsync and skill effect bug
  9. Fixed Enchanter Weaken skill effect bug
  10. Fixed bug in Almighty land where enemy in G mode can be attacked.

V1412_V1546 Patch
July 18th, 2018, 10:07 pm

Patch notes:

A. No more harm in Crescent Charm

  1. Fixed crescent charm texture bug on V1540 where game crashes after the quest is completed.

B. Arena Rejuvenated

  1. Arena weather can now be changed via /weather 1-24 command (eg: /weather 5)
  2. Updated Arena Terrain
  3. Added background music(BGM) in Arena

C. Sin and Shadow Drillin’ Dancin’

  1. Added Drill (melee) attack for ShadowOff, available in claw weapon only
  2. Improved both ShadowOff and Sin drilling efficiency for better PVP/PVM

D. Toggle Lohan BGM

  1. Lohan Background music can now be toggled ON/OFF
  2. Updated Lohan room’s with new background music.

E. In-game adjustments

  1. Engine now loads much faster compared to v1540 for better gaming experience
  2. Fixed in game font distortion on high resolution settings

V1412_V1658 Patch
August 10th, 2019, 11:24 pm


  1. Relocated NPC Ezio(Quest lvl96) to AK/WK
  2. Added NPC Guild Master at Clauzhuz/Vitory
  3. Removed NPC Akasha from Sky Edin
  4. Removed NPC Almighty land Teleport from Sky edin
  5. Removed NPC Sentry for armor and weapon
  6. Removed NPC Crescent Charm Engineer I and II
  7. Added NPC for Jewel +5 Quest at AK/WK
  8. Added NPC for Crescent Charm +1 Quest at AK/WK
  9. Added Donation NPC in Mercatura
  10. Added Armor/Weapon(classic items) blackmarket in Mercatura
  11. Added Medal Token Exchange NPC in Mercatura
  12. Removed NPC Queen’s armor from Misery Island/Sainna Island
  13. Added NEW Beginner Armor/Weapon/Jewelry NPC at Addon Keep/Wirtz Keep
  14. Added Donation NPC in Addon Keep/Wirtz Keep
  15. Added NPC Misery Island Teleport at Wirtz Keep
  16. Added NPC Sainna Island Teleport at Addon Keep
  17. Added NPC Middle Camp Teleport/Addon Keep Teleport/Vit Teleport at Aldia Teleport (Human Map 1 )
    18 Added NPC Roche Camp Teleport/Wirtz Keep Teleport/Cz Teleport at Opeiny (Akkan Map 1)


  1. Renamed Sentry to Firstblood
  2. Boosted Firstblood items stats
  3. Boosted Donation/Enthusiast items stats
  4. Boosted Classic items stats on monster drops and blackmarket
  5. Lowered Helm stat requirements for all classes
  6. Rampage Items
  • Reworked Rampage item’s stats requirements
  • Reworked Rampage helm stats
  • Boosted Rampage armour stats
  • Reduced Rampage weapon’s stat requirements to 158,168, and 188
  • 1 Hand & 2 Hand 190con Human blunt changed to 158 Con
  • Shadowoff Sword 190 Str changed to 158 Str
  • Combatant 190 Con blunt changed to 158 Con
  1. Added 120 Con set for (GL/BGL/Annihialator)
  2. Reworked 140 Con and 140 Dex (GL/BGL/Annihialator)
  3. Boosted Queen’s item stats
  4. Jewelries
  • Reworked normal and donation jewelry stats
  • Renamed all crescent moons to be understood easier
  • Removed MP recovery from Charm of priest+2a(donation)
  1. Added Beginner sets +7 (fixed stats)
  2. Added Beginner Jewelry
  3. Added a new donation currency called Warfare Token
  4. Reduce price all lvl4 books in NPC
  5. Reduced price of all M pot in NPC by 50%
  6. Reduced price Chaos Stone in NPC by 50%
  7. Reduced price of Distiled Water (G)
  8. Reduced price of Chaos Stone
  9. Metal Chest/Gem Chest/Giant Gem chest can now be opened by right click
  10. Reduced medal price for Potions in Arena Tower
  11. Added Fragment and Small Amethyst/Andesine conversion to (L) Tonics
  12. Increased Fragment and Small gem conversion to (L) Tonics
  • 200 fragments + 40 Distilled Tonic (L) = 40 tonic (L)
  • 200 small gems + 100 Distilled Tonic (L) = 100 tonic (L)
  1. Added Jewelry +5/+5a/+5b
  2. Added normal charm (new cape textures)
  • Cresent Charm of Bless+1
  • Cresent Charm of Armor+1
  • Cresent Charm of Priest+1
  1. Added donation Charms (new cape textures)
  • Cresent Charm of Bless(D)+1
  • Cresent Charm of Armor(D)+1
  • Cresent Charm of Priest(D)+1


  1. Remastered Arena map
  2. Remastered Caernavon map
  3. Added 3 new lohan maps
  4. Made Disenchant(Enchanter’s skill) cool down timer same as officator relief
  5. Reduced Disenchant skill range to 12meters
  6. Gunner does not consume bullets anymore
  7. Archer does not consume arrows anymore
  8. Improved cool down for resurrection skill
  9. Adjusted Skill Charging bar and Skill Name display position
  10. Added (M) Tonics to General Items Merchant

V1412_V1671 Patch
September 13th, 2019, 01:24 pm

Game Optimization

  1. Improved overall character animation rendering during wars(Smoother gameplay in large wars)
  2. Improve tessellation rendering in the Arena(Reduced lag)
  3. Improve tessellation rendering in the Caernovan(Reduced lag)


  1. Added Beginner jewelry NPC at Map 1 Akkan and Human
  2. Added Dragon Vault NPC at RC and MC
  3. Added Gold Token NPC at Lohan Lobby
  4. All skill books from Level 1 to Level 4 can now be found in their respective class trainers NPC
  5. Level 3 and Level 4 Skillbook NPC have been removed


  1. Added New Immortal Armors
  2. CCOP/CCOA/CCOB+1 is now tradeable
  3. Trophies are now tradeable
  4. Boosted Vicious Armor stats(Attributes&HP/MP)
  5. Boosted Necklace of endurance(D)+4, +4A, +4B, +5, +5A, +5B stat
  6. Boosted Necklace of Critical(D)+5A & +5B stat
  7. Cooked meat can now be stacked up to 200 units
  8. Upgraded Charm durability to 100/100
  9. Demonic Magma Rampage armors reworked from 120con to 130 con due to stat bug
  10. Fixed bugged Rampage Weapon stats
    -Brass button(Rampage)
    -Holy gavel(Rampage)
    -St.Contra-cross Hex hammer(Rampage)
    -Crystal hammer(Rampage)


  1. Increased Lifeoff’s Heal & Skin Graft range to 18M(Same range as cleric)
  2. Boosted Archer’s Multiple Arrow damage by 20%
  3. Added AOE skill animation for Sacrament and Protect Intensified
  4. Increased cooldown for Reveal skill(Improve in game balance for stealth classes)

Bug Fixes:

  1. 140dex/120dex GL texture bug fixed
  2. Updated tonics description
  3. Updated Andesine and Amethyst description
  4. Updated Metal and Gem Chest description
  5. Updated Previous amended skill’s description
  6. Fixed Priest Sacrament skill cooldown bug

V1412_V1702 Patch
November 28th, 2019, 05:20 pm


  1. Revamped arena entrance to prevent higher ground advantage
  2. Reviving the Almighty land which will be used as an event map on Sundays.


  1. Added new monsters which Robbers, Rustlers , Bandits and Treasure box. These monsters will drop ores and gems.
  2. Added new event monsters in the Almighty land. These monsters will drop new rare armors.
  3. Improved monster drop-rate for normal weapons and armors in Map 2 and Map 3(This is done to revive item farming through monsters)


  1. New defense helm (donation)
  2. Change acolyte armors WIS to DEX bonus
  3. New 138CON Beginner/Firstblood weapon
  4. Added +1 Damage/EA to the following Rampage weapons to fix 64K EA visual bug:
  • Brass button(Rampage)
  • Holy gavel(Rampage)
  • St. Contra-cross Hex hammer(Rampage)
  • Wither(Rampage)
  1. Added +1 Damage/EA to the following common weapons
  • Brass button
  • Baal axe
  • Holy gavel
  • Oldowan gavel
  • Contra-cross Hex hammer
  • St. Ray hammer
  • Wither
  • Azrael
  1. Medal tokens can be traded now. Following that, you can easily tell their value apart as it is showcased clearly. This is done to make trading more secure. The amount are grouped at (1K, 10K, 100K, 1M)


  1. Added map 1 teleport at Roche Camp and Middle Camp
  2. Added chaos stone to all general item merchants in Caernarvon
  3. Added more beginner NPC in Map 1, Map 2 and Map 3 main camps

Skill updates:

  1. Reduced Disenchant skill range to 12m
  2. Added Disenchant skill to Assassins
  3. Increased Lifeoff Confusion skill AOE to 8m
  4. Reduced Resurrect skill cool down to 15 Seconds
  5. Added AOE to lvl 3/4 Weapon enforce skill
  6. Reduced 70% MP cost for Safeguard
  7. Increased AOE of Safeguard to 10m


  1. Revamped certain quest to reward better items.
  2. Removed ROR quest


  1. Warlord fame requirements reduced to 4.5M


  1. Increased optimization on game engine
  2. Protect intensified skill now shows how much MR is increased upon cast
  3. Magic Intensified skill description updated
  4. Resurrect skill description updated

V1702_V1718 Patch
17th January 7:50PM


1.  Upgraded Arena terrain to improve game-play.
2.  Added safe-zone at Vitory, Clauzhuz, Middle camp and Roche
3.  Updated L map interface for Arena and Caernarvon


1. New Destroyer sets for Season 12 rewards
2. Donation jewelries +0, +1 and +2 can be sold for gold in NPC
3. Fixed Ring of Warfare(D)+5a and Ring of Warfare(D)+5B Stats
4. Added +1MR to Immortal Boots, Gloves, Arms and Pants
5. Fixed Crescent Charm Durability to 100/100

Class updates for PvM (Player vs Monster):

1. Improved and fixed Rune off Pet skill 
2. Improved Enchanter’s bow damage 


1. Added Skill book NPC in Arena and Lohan Lobby
2. Added Gold token exchange NPC in Mercatura


1. Increased cool-down for Disenchant/Relief by 10 seconds
2. Remove MP consumption for Disenchant/Relief Skill


1. Updated item description for Snowman/DingDong/SpecialSanta
2. Updated item description for Medal token

Bugs fixes:

1. Fixed skill Full Swing unable interrupt stun
2. Fixed resurrect skill bug.
3. Disabled Guild upgrade to fix map crash bug

this map Almighty land has remove allready ?

Hi @professer,

The map is available during events only for now.

GM Xerox