Party Mini Window not working


Recently just encounter problem when i was in party, i couldn’t see party member’s HP status. For example, when my party member is in war and hp is dropping, i can’t heal them as the HP status is not reflecting the real time hp.

Tried the following, and it is still not working:

Option all enabled
Full Relog
Change character
File Check

Could someone please look into the issue?


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Devs will take a look to this. @warfare

This bug is related to windows defender firewall settings
Go to the control panel/windows defender firewall/allowed apps

Browse for engine.exe in your warfare online installation folder and allow communication for both public and private network


Many thanks for your reply.

Just did what you have guided, but unfortunately it still happen again. It is not working even i completely turned off my firewall.

Please advice?


got something to fix it?

@warfare help us!!!