Next season

As the title I would like to ask you, GM. When will the server restart the fame?

Hello sir, you can view the countdown for the next season in the website here

Thank you Gm for answering me the first question. But please explain me some questions more. First one, When will RYL Warfare launch a new set that is better than Annihilator? , is it launched in near future ? Because I am going to donate for a set but If you are going create a new set , I will save Warfare token for the new set instead of buying Annihilator. The second question, I don’t see my game account in my Web account but when I create the new web account to merge my game account… I can’t merge it


Our developers are currently investigating this issue, we will get back to you within 24 hours

Thank you GM. So, what about the new set ? Will you lanch a new set that is better than Annihilator in some next Seasons ?