New player completely lost

So, i reach level 95 and got full begginer itens. But i really dont know whats the next step towards end game gear. What should i do next? What should i farm? What equipment should i pursuit? Anyone can do a quick step by step guide?

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Hi @Sidartta,

Welcome to warfare online. I would suggest walking around mercatura and having a look at items which are for sale there to get a rough idea on which items you would need. Item builds vary based on the player’s playstyle and the class which is being played.

In general, it would be good to aim for Annihilator armor set with +5A/+5B jewelries. You would also need a decent supply of Giant Tonics to aid you in battle. Other end game items would also include +1 capes which you may aim to get.

GM Xerox

where i can hunt capes +1?

Hi @MyrhodZ,

You may refer to [GUIDE] How to craft Crescent Charm (Donation) +1 on how to make +1 capes.

GM Xerox

GM i want to know what my email used in my game Id: vice, char name=DeaTHSPinz.
im confused coz i make two registrations… can you help me? i want to donate sir… tnx…

Hi @MyrhodZ

We have recently upgraded our support center to serve Warfarians better. Please login to your web account and contact our upgraded support center regarding your issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.