New Game Roadmap Update


Here’s an update regarding the roadmap and timeline of the New Game thus far.

The timeline above may be subjected to changes

Following the dissolution of the Warfare Online team, a dedicated and specialized team has been freshly established this year to work on the New Game’s development, leading to a projected Pre Alpha-0 release in Q2 2024.

The new team formation has undergone a meticulous and comprehensive process of acquiring expertise and talent, ensuring each team member is specialized in their roles to develop the New Game.

To offer an overview of the current areas of emphasis, here are the key responsibilities and contributions of this new team for the New Game.

Game Design Team:

  • World Lore Development
  • Character Backgrounds
  • Game Mechanics
  • Class Skills
  • Class Items
  • Combat Design

Technical Team

  • Game Mechanics
  • Game System Architecture
  • Server Infrastructure
  • User Interface (UI) Integration
  • User Experience (UX) Integration
  • Blockchain Integration R&D

Art Team:

  • Concept Art
  • Character Items Design
  • Environment Design
  • Visual Effects
  • Character Animation

Sound Design Team:

  • Ingame BGM
  • Sound effects
  • Foley

With this, the new team has effectively commenced their work and revised the Pre Alpha-0 timeline to Quarter 2 of 2024 as they lay the foundation for the New Game’s development.