Is this a joke?

Im confused , is this server the most unbalanced server thro out the history of RYL or is this just pay to win ?
i think iv run thro all the human classes and not one of them can even hurt 99% of the people.
The season ended and lots of people are low fame , so im running a assassin. Have the +7 gear , use pots and so on , im running around in war and targeting low hp characters and my backstab hits are from 200-1500… Last season i ran as a mage , maxed out spell on 3.5 cast hit 800-1500.
Is there even a point to play this server as a newbie , or am i misunderstanding the baisics in this server ?

Hello @mario00man

A lvl 97 Warfarian that has maxed out items and G tonics will only be about 7%-12% stronger compared to a lvl 95 Warfarians with Beginner items. However, a fully buffed Warfarian in a party can be 200% stronger than a non buff Warfarian. Turn on your skill effects, you will notice that 70% -80% of Warfarians are usually in a party with full buffs. You will not be able to do any decent damage to buffed enemies unless you are in a party that has support characters to buff you. Coordinate your attack well with your party members and target enemies that has been debuffed.

I understand they are fully buffed , Backstab should be the strongest hitting ability in game, hiting 75 damage with backstab to life off is absurd . Cordinate attacks ? it would take 100 assassins to 1 hit kill a player, stop jokes.
Your 7-12% dose not add up , unbuffed ~2k+ fame rune took a 3k hit.
Being in a party makes them more resilant , yes i understand , my mage hits 800-1500 , while rune hits 6000. Enemy assassin 1 hit kills my sors/enchanter with full buffs( 10-14k hp ) , while i hit 3k
7-12% stronger is a joke

Hitting 75 damage with backstab to a lifeoff absurd.
There is currently a war right now in the Arena
Do you mind sharing a screenshot or video of your assassin gameplay in the Arena?

even tho i didint manage to hit that low currently , im 100% sure turning the Lohan war earlier today i was hitting some people 75-200 with backstab…

As was made clear to me , that im only max 12% weaker than the strongest players, i bought 200 attack tonic to keep track on my Deaths/Kills, after spending alot of time in the arena and having been killed 200 times i managed to kill 4 people , 2 of them were AFK in base as other ran to middle of the map they were easy pickings.I mostly targeted Rune-off at the beginning but as i failed to kill anyone i understood attacking anyone with buffs is absolutly pointless, so i started targeting people who had died and were going back to middle of the map since they did not have buffs on. Sadly the outcome was exactly the same , only with slightly bigger hits . With that said , im still confused why im not doing any damage compared to rest of the people

Backstab hit for 128… and you tell me this isint insane unbalanced ?

Hello @mario00man,

How much damage do you deal when you are fully buffed with in a party with courage+weapon enchant+L str tonics+G tonics?
G and L tonics can be farmed by killing Gem monsters in Caernarvon.

Take note, in the Arena there is a minigame called the manhunt
The arena manhunt targets are boosted by +100def +100atk
You might be attacking boosted players in the Arena, thus 128 damage

Read here for more information

Let us know if you are still facing this low damage issue.
Our technical team is currently investigating this issue.

If you expect to 1 hit KO with +7 beginner eq just forget about it…and plus please farm and get your build right…most of the pic you send that you hitting a templar (tanker) + high fame…what for to be a tanker can be 1 hit KO by a sin…it does not make sense…i already leave this game for 2 years…this year is the most balance game i ever play…understand the mechanism and test your dmg with your race first…i am 2 goldbar rune can be nearly 1hit KO by 3 bar sin with full farm eq even my armor +7 classic and 3 part bgl with row+3bx2 with noe +3a…But it does make sense because i am rune…in arena or lohan, you need to get a party to deal good dmg…and fame are important to deal high dmg…most of the player here farming to get G tonics pot so they can be a bit stronger than normal pot you buy from npc…

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Although he seems dont really know about how to get strong in ryl, maybe he is new to the game. But the fact that new assasin is difficult to survive is real because in this server human players are always more than akkan, that makes human suffer from E disadvantages. U can see shadows boom the gathering human and contribute a lot of killing numbers in lohan war ( i guess in a number of 300 killing war, 3 pro shadow can contribute around 1/4 of killing numbers) , which leads to akkan easily win in lohan war, but u can seldom see assassin boom like that in akkan side.

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