GM can you please answer me these questions? If I wanna buy medal from any player in the server, can I have an intermediary. In this case, can I find any GM for being my intermediary. Just to make sure that the trade will end well.

Why not use a trusted seller or ask old players about the seller you are about to buy from?

Theres is no need for a GM to be in the middle of your deal if you only deal with trusted sellers, they might be a little bit more expensive but its better than getting scammed.

Maybe u right Koll . But in case idk who is the trusted player. What should I do ?

Hi @IcePerson,

If u dont trust it and your feelings also say that then dont do it :slight_smile:.
And as @Trance says always ask Long/Old/High Rank players if they know the person.
And ofc if u want u can always ask to do the payment trough a secure site like Paypal.

Most people are friendly here and dont be afraid to ask them.

<3 Amok/0ppaY

You can always ask other players, just shout out see what happens, im sure you will get your answer.

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