How to transfer BGL item?

(Leng Zai) #1

Hi Admin,

I just bought a BGL item ( Ahkan ) from my human character, but I realise that BGL item cannot be trade. Now my ahkan item on my human character, is that any ideas to transfer it ?

Thanks !

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Hello Leng,

The reason why the item is no longer available for normal trading is to prevent scams and it is part of our security feature. If you wish to transfer the item to your akkan character, you need to gain enough medals in your akkan character and buy it from your human char by using 2 computers.

The items are no longer available for normal item trade.

(Leng Zai) #3

My bad, I never check the update before I bought those un - tradable item

anyway thanks for the suggestion and such a good idea to prevent buyer from scammer.

Good jobs :+1:

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