Hi gm please help

map 3 dont drop very small gem and . teddy bear can ? … farm gold is very hard … at season 12 not drop teddy bear and this gems … if player want farm gem is can farm from ore … if want farm metels also players farm at ore is good . thank very much

Hi @onlymylover,

I don’t really grasp what you are trying to explain here. However i’ll try my best to explain things regarding Ores, Gems and Gold.


  • Minerals used for enhancing your items. These items can be found from Ore Rustlers which were created to make farming easier.


  • Used on Armours and Weapons when they have empty slots in them to add desired additional stats

  • Used in crafting potions which comes in handy during fights against Players and Monsters.

  • Can be easily obtained from Gem Rustlers


  • Currency used in item Enhancements, Item Repairs, purchases from General Item merchant, Black Markets and Skill book Trainers.

  • Can be obtained from killing monsters throughout the game.

Points to note:

  • Farming gold is not as hard as you think. There are players who are able to farm 4 billion gold in an hour.
  • Fragments and Small Gems can be used to craft L Potions

200 fragments + 40 Distilled Tonic (L) = 40 tonic (L)
200 small gems + 100 Distilled Tonic (L) = 100 tonic (L)

Hope this answers any doubts you may have.

Rip English :frowning:

Btw Farm gold is frustrating because need to pick from bunch of item :slight_smile:

Hi @diversang,

It is part of the game mechanics where gold drops along with other items. There are reasons to why this is left the way it is at the moment.

  1. Monsters will be left out from being killed if we introduced a specific set of monsters to only drop gold.

  2. Inflation of gold will be at a much higher rate which will affect the current game economy of gold.

Hope this gives an explanation to why gold farming is as it is at the moment. Thank you.

GM Xerox