Have they weakened the wizard's powers?

Have they weakened the wizard’s powers?

Why don’t they weaken RuneOff too?

I think I’m going to stop playing, it was difficult to play the wizard, now that his powers have weakened it got worse.

Hi @lindomar3,

Can you provide us with more details on Mages being weakened?

There can be couple of reasons why you are experiencing a weakened state.

  1. Level & E-Level
  • If your character’s level is lower than the opponent’s level, you will deal less damage while the opponent deals more.

  • If your character’s fame is less than the opponent’s fame, you will deal less damage while the opponent deals more.

  • A drop in E-Level can be experienced if your race has more players online than the opposing race. This would result in your race dealing less damage while the opponent deals more to your entire race.

2) Broken Gear
  • Always check the state of your gears. Broken gears will result in you getting damaged more. A quick visit to General Item merchant / Blacksmith would fix this.

3)Stats & Skill Level
  • Try different builds. It is always recommended to try builds which suit your style of gameplay. This includes Stat builds and Skill builds. For example, players who like to tank and kill during huge wars will go for a high CON build while players who would like to have faster cooldowns to spam skills will go for a high DEX build.

Hope this information helps.

GM Xerox