Guild League Day 4/4: Grand Final


The match between the Kartefants and Merkhadians has concluded with the Z-Finale of the Kartefants acquiring the 3rd place! This leaves us to the Merkhadians of the Karsperskyz Guild advancing to the Grand Finals facing yet another arch nemesis the Kartefants from the -TheFinale Guild.

Day 4, the Grand Final Match, 17th of March 2022 at 8PM GMT+8 in Almighty Land will host the greatest duel between these 2 guilds of the Guild League [BETA] representing both races. One will rise to be the greatest of all guilds for this league so await the Grand Final match!

Note: Scores are displayed in the circles beside the name of the Guilds


Day 1 (14 March 2022) Qualifying Round Match Match Winner
8:00 PM GMT+8 K9-GUILDS (31979) vs -TheFinale (31868) -TheFinale (31868)
8:15 PM GMT+8 Djisamsoe (31866) vs Z-Finale (31870) Z-Finale (31870)
8:30 PM GMT+8 Karsperskyz (31981) vs MERCATURA (31982) Karsperskyz (31981)

Day 2 (15 March 2022) Quarter Final Match Match Winner
8:00 PM GMT+8 -TheFinale (31868) vs Z-Finale (31870) -TheFinale (31868)

Day 3 (16 March 2022) Semi Final Match Match Winner
8:00 PM GMT+8 Karsperskyz (31981) vs Z-Finale (31870) Karsperskyz (31981)

3rd Place: Z-Finale (31870)

Day 4 (17 March 2022) Grand Final Match Match Winner
8:00 PM GMT+8 -TheFinale (31868) vs Karsperskyz (31981) To Be Announced

1st Place: To Be Announced
2nd Place: To Be Announced


  1. Standby for a PERSONAL MESSAGE (PM) that says “Your guild’s turn has come, enter Almighty Land now” & enter the map
  2. Ensure your guild members are ready in a party
  3. There will be no waiting period upon entering the map and the match starts instantly

For more information on the Guild league Rules & Regulations, Mechanics & Rewards visit : Guild League [Beta] Launches