Guild League Day 2/4: Quarter Final


The Guild League Day 2, Quarter Final Match : 15th of March 2022 at 8PM GMT+8 calls for the battle between 2 Kartefant Guilds, the -TheFinale vs Z-Finale in the Almighty Land. The second day of the 4-day-long league will determine the Kartefant Guild who will advance to the Semi Final and face their nemesis of all time, the Merkhadians of the Karsperskyz Guild.

Note: The scores are displayed in the circles beside the name of the Guilds


Day 1 (14 March 2022) Qualifying Round Match Match Winner
8:00 PM GMT+8 K9-GUILDS (31979) vs -TheFinale (31868) -TheFinale (31868)
8:15 PM GMT+8 Djisamsoe (31866) vs Z-Finale (31870) Z-Finale (31870)
8:30 PM GMT+8 Karsperskyz (31981) vs MERCATURA (31982) Karsperskyz (31981)

Day 2 (15 March 2022) Quarter Final Match Match Winner
8:00 PM GMT+8 -TheFinale (31868) vs Z-Finale (31870)

Day 3 (16 March 2022) Semi Final Match Match Winner
8:00 PM GMT+8 Karsperskyz (31981) vs to be announced

Day 4 (17 March 2022) Grand Final Match Match Winner
8:00 PM GMT+8 -


  1. Standby for a PERSONAL MESSAGE (PM) that says “Your guild’s turn has come, enter Almighty Land now” & enter the map
  2. Ensure your guild members are ready in a party
  3. There will be no waiting period upon entering the map and the match starts instantly

For more information on the Guild league Rules & Regulations, Mechanics & Rewards visit : Guild League [Beta] Launches