Game auto close at random moment

Hi, as title, I just download back the game at my window 10 PC.

I checked your forums and using the latest Nvdia driver, and add exclusion to the anti virus.

Game random close, even at the character selection screen.

I have uninstall and install back, same issue.

I will wait for Season 13 and I have stop this game for years and gonna catch back.

Thank you.

It is playable now, however I can only log in Human Race.

And for my Akhan Account, it stuck at the character screen with nothing happen after I click start

Hi @IjustComeBack,

Can you provide a short video on how it looks like when you get stuck at the character selection screen?

This could happen from other applications such has hamachi / Virtual Machine drivers / VPN services interfering with warfare online

GM Xerox

I just stuck at the character selection screen, which the game is not freeze, i can keep clicking Start, Cancel and never get into the game for Akkan.

But Human race is playable.

nvm, is fix and playable now. Case close