Enhancing a gold armor need 500000000 +1 is non sense

It is hard to believe that admin make such an obstacle for people who donated to their golden armor, people who want to donate simply doesnt want to spend a lot of time in farming. I can understand u want to keep the value of medal in game but please make it reasonable. The 1 billion box now take people at least 5k to purchase, but farming at gold for 1B only take around 15mins, that makes the market collapse and u are forcing people to farm gold. Nevertheless, remember we also need to farm metals!!! That spend too much time in farming!!!

Please consider to make it reasonable,
50000000? Ok
500000000? No!!!

Also want to mention, if people asking me what is the most effective way in earning medal, i will suggest him to farm gold. With only 1 hour, u can earn 4B, which equal to 20000 medal. With only one night , u can get enough medal to buy some donation ring +3 from the player stalls. Which means that u simply dont need to donate. If GM want to make the server survive longer, u must take this into your future update.

sure cannot la, Gm want earn money also, if u failed +8 gold armor then u just buy another +7 armor, failed armor then become half useless already if u only manage to +6 and sell to ppl and who asked ur hand so itchy want to try +8 ? also, if u buy from ppl +0 gold armor then u r trap into a rabbit hole. and Btw u said easy farm gold, then 1 hour u can try 8 times ++ already just so u know :sweat_smile:

armor bought from donate npc is +0 not +6

now +0 already ? sad…

Yes, thats why after i donate and bought the armor and put it in vault , still using beginner set+7. I need to work and farming real gold. I have no tIme to farm gold in game XD i want to go war after work lol

Hello @diversang
The Annihilator armors are the most prestigious armor in Warfare. It does cost a lot to upgrade,

However you can significantly reduce the upgrading cost by fully utilizing the Tears of Sparda(TOS) .
TOS offers a 100% success rate from +1 to +5.
A new event has been recently launched, you can hunt for TOS here.

Items that can be farmed in game are not sold through donations. This is to protect the economy ingame from being inflated. If you notice farmer’s are selling items beyond your needs, you can always negotiate with them as this is an open market.