[DISCUSSION] Season Finale Cash Reward USDC (TRC-20)


The time is nearing for the Season Finale cash reward to be awarded among the Top Ranks. Here we discuss on the requirements needed for the Cash Reward Claim.


Prepare for the Cash Reward distribution amongst the Top Ranks.

  • The cash reward will be distributed in the form of USDC (TRC-20) which is a cryptocurrency among the Top 5 Warfarians of each Class.

  • Top Warfarians must have a USDC (TRC-20) wallet to allow smooth transaction of the cash reward

  • Rewards will be credited to the USDC (TRC-20) wallet address provided


What is a USDC wallet?

USD Coin (USDC) is a type of cryptocurrency that is referred to as a stablecoin. You can always redeem 1 USD Coin for US$1.00, giving it a stable price.

What is a TRC 20 address?

TRC20 (TRC20 Token Standard) is a token standard based on the implementation of smart contract when using TRON network to issue a token.

Where do I create a USDC (TRC-20) Wallet?

There are multiple exchanges and platforms that one can use to create a USDC (TRC-20) Wallet including Binance : Buy/Sell Bitcoin, Ether and Altcoins | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Binance

Once you have logged in Binance, you can use this link to look for your USDC (TRC-20) wallet address : https://www.binance.com/en/my/wallet/account/main/deposit/crypto/USDC shown in the picture above.

Please ensure the address generated is under the following criteria:-

  • Select coin : Coin → USDC USD Coin
  • Deposit to : Network → TRX Tron (TRC20)

Copy the wallet address and paste it in the template discussed below.


Warfarians may submit the claim scheduled to open on the 3rd of July 2022.

Template Example:

Hi, here are details of my Season Finale Cash Reward Claim:

  1. Web email: testwarfarian1@gmail.com
  2. Game Account: testwarfarian1
  3. Character Name: chartestwarfarian1
  4. Class: Archer
  5. Season Finale Rank: Rank 1
  6. USDC (TRC20) Wallet Address: (Paste your USDC (TRC20) Wallet address here)
  7. Amount in USD: $250
  • By submitting this ticket, I agree all information given is true and that I have double confirmed my USDC (TRC20) Wallet Address.
  • I understand that Warfare Online holds no responsibility if the wallet address provided is wrong or invalid.


  • Only one ticket submission is allowed per Top Rank.
  • Only USDC based on Tron (TRC20) Network wallet address is accepted.
  • Ensure the USDC (TRC20) Wallet address provided is correct.
  • Tron (TRC20) tokens have a wallet address that starts with T
  • Do not send us a USDT (TRC20) Wallet address.
  • Sending wallet addresses apart from USDC (TRC20) will lead to funds being lost in the transaction
  • You may use other exchanges apart from Binance or a Cold Wallet as long as it is a USDC (TRC20) Wallet address.
  • Any error in the information provided will not be accountable by the management.
  • By submitting the ticket, you agree all information given is true and that you have double confirmed your USDC (TRC20) Wallet Address before submission.

The Cash Reward Claim is scheduled to open on the 3rd of July 2022. The following discussion is now opened for community feedback & suggestions. Warfarians are welcomed to discuss on the information provided for clarification.

that page i try to open cannot…any suggest from u sir?

You may use other exchanges apart from Binance or a Cold Wallet as long as it is a USDC (TRC20) Wallet address.

Here are other exchanges asides from binance

The upcoming new game will be utilizing crypto & NFT’s, it is best to get familiarized with the crypto space.