[DISCUSSION] Jigsaw Event


“Riddle me this, riddle me that,
An event awaits Warfarians to obtain me I bet.
The next few weeks with time & dates to be set,
An appearance of bosses & mini bosses are to be met.
What am I??”

The Jigsaw Event
fellow Warfarians…

A Jigsaw Event awaits the upcoming weeks. The precious Halcyon and rarest Bloodscarlet metals are the rewards of this puzzling adventure. The event is about hunting down menacing bosses & mini bosses for a designated amount of puzzles or stones that could allow one to obtain the equipment enhancing metals.

Bosses & Mini bosses await their release by holding puzzle and stone pieces respectively in their possession. Many Bosses & Mini Bosses will spawn at once during spawn times that will be set & informed time to time. The event is scheduled to start next week with the Hunt of The Diceros to begin with.

The first contenders as mentioned, known to have armors so thick, are the Diceros possessing Warfarian Puzzle pieces 1 & 2 and Warfarian Stone pieces 1 & 2. The Diceros Bosses & Mini Bosses are said to make their appearance at 9PM & 10PM (GMT+8) on 11th & 14th of April 2022 ravaging their ways through the Abandoned Prison of Arcadia with these pieces of the jigsaw.

  • A complete Warfarian Puzzle consists of 9 Puzzle pieces.

  • A complete Warfarian Stone consists of 9 Stone pieces.

  • Each piece is numbered to make up the Puzzle or Stone.

  • Warfarians will need 3 complete Warfarian Puzzle to claim 3 pieces of Bloodscarlet

  • Warfarians will need 5 complete Warfarian Stone to claim 3 pieces of Halcyon.

  • Up to 30 winners will be entitled to claim the Bloodscarlet and/or Halcyon upon completing the jigsaws accordingly.

  • Upon collecting the puzzle or stone pieces, Warfarians will have to head to the claim section in the forums to claim their worthy rewards.

  • The claim opens 22nd - 28th May 2022

  • The claim rewards will be distributed to the winners on the 29th of May 2022

hm…that was great…Wish my luck <3