[DISCUSSION] Improving Medal Utilization In-game

Greetings Warfarians,

Our management plans to add the following items in the medal stall list in order to improve the medal utilization in game. .

Medals play a huge role as it is the primary currency in game and the management will do its very best to protect its intrinsic value. Here is why it is important to take this approach:

  • Cash Trading Rules not followed
    There has been reports on many Warfarians selling these items listed below directly for cash which has been detrimental to the in-game economy. Not only does this go against the Cash Trading Rules that have been set, but it fosters more scams to occur affecting everyone too.

  • Drive up Medal value
    At the current burn rate of Medals, more Medals are being created into circulation through wars than what is being burnt. By having this new list of items and encouraging Warfarians to trade these items through Medals, we can expect the value of Medals to gradually go up. When there is a higher demand for Medals while the supply is still the same or reduced, naturally the price will follow to match these circumstances. Thus, going up in value.

  • Security
    The new minimum medal value list would serve as a guide to listing prices and to avoid accidents whereby a Warfarian places the item for sale at only 1 Medal.

The new proposed list of items with minimum medal value can be found below.

Name Min Medal Value
Andesine 10
Amethyst 10
Giant Ruby 10
Giant Beryl 10
Giant Sapphire 10
Giant Diamond 10
Giant Black moon 10
Giant Amethyst 15
Arena tonic (L) 11
Strengthen tonic(L) 16
Healing tonic(G) 11
Defense tonic(G) 11
Dispel tonic(G) 11
Magic tonic(G) 11
Attack tonic(G) 11
Arena tonic (G) 16
Yiterni stone 10
Tears of Sparda 1,500
Viridian 50,000
Metal Chest 10,000
Giant Gem Chest 10,000
Gold Token (1B) 4,000
Experience crystal-ball(5M) 1,500
Experience crystal-ball(500K) 150


  • ETA for this to be effective is 28th April 2021
  • Once effective, this list of items can only be sold through medal stalls and can no longer be traded or dropped anymore.

Let’s discuss this new addition of items in the min medal value list and let us know if there are any additions to be made to the list.

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This is really good…Viridians its like 200k each,same with metal chest and gems chests are too high!!

This is good news. Way better medalling than farming. Just war.


1pc = 4,100 medal

30x4100= 123,000medal * 10% tax = my medal i received 110,700 but i need to make it token, so i need to exchange in medal shop

110,000*10% tax = i have 100k token +700 left

so hard for the buyer to pay 1pc 5m exp ball = 4,100 medal each

we us farmer every 110,000 medal we need to exchange so that we can get 100k token medal to trade our buyer

medal to cash

not like today
buyer only spend 110k medal to buy 30pcs 5m exp ball

new update implemented they need u pay 123k for 30pcs 5m exp ball

for farmer side selling goods can burn -20% tax for us

What time the server will be back??

Yes, this gonna be war server.

My opinion is for what i see on this server , I prefered to increased the medal gain reduction to 40% just like season 11-12. That’s time a person had 10M fame but medal gain less than 6M . For now , I approximate every week warfare player gain more than 32M medal token (not one person, total all player) . Why I would dare say more than 32M ? .

Just basic calculation :

1 Person fame cape 200k per week = 160k Medal ( 20% medal gain reducation rate for now)

160k medal x 200player active in war (estimate) = 32M Medal

  • Not included for some player which had reached their cap still stay on war to earn medal.
  • Not included for someone who keep on killing farmer everyday.

Since some player doesn’t agree with new discussion update regarding add tax for certain more item . How bout you guys increase the market increase the minimum value of Donation item . I’ve certain suggestion to control back the medal and some of them I’ve sent it to Hex.

1st suggestion - Since there are less event now in warfare , how bout you make an event for 3days or a weeks. Add some NPC to gamble viridian ( just like Ezio Quest ). Quest requirement item must’ve listed medal token . For Example (just for example!!)

  • 200k Token
  • x 3 Metal box
  • x 10 Tos

Reward :
Randomly 2 - 4 Viridian .

2nd Suggestion - How bout gamble rampage weapon using medal event for 3 day or a weeks . Since now too many demand on gold token market . Atleast there a time for farmer restock back the gold token and put it on market to sell before end of season . Usually there a more demand before end season and start season on gold token. I dont think because this kind of event gold token will drop badly.

Example : 15 ~ 30 medal per gamble purchase .

3rd Suggestion - How bout you bring new system PVP (1v1). Since there are no PVP event as promised before. I think alot player would like to try their strenght with other player.

  • Add map like lohan had duration ( 2mins) but more smaller .

  • Player must buy ticket for 55k medal each to enter the match. And the fight will be a random person who had joined the room.

  • A winner will get a letter to claim reward ( 90k medal )

  • Every match only limited for 2 mins (120 second) , but if both player didnt kill each other in time . It’s count as draw and will be teleport out and return back their ticket.

It’s just for suggestion, And i know my suggestion wont be perfect as other people . But hopefully could help server control the medal .


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