[DISCUSSION] Guild League (Beta)


The Seasons Finale’s first Guild League is at its Beta stages and ready to unravel. For now, the participation is opened to only 8 guilds on a first come first served basis.

Guild League Rewards Halcyon Metals

The rewards offered for the Top 3 Guilds will be the ever-desirable Halcyon metals that grant a 100% success rate up to +8 & has no iron rate.

The grand winner will be rewarded 10 pieces of Halcyon, 2nd place with 7 pieces of Halcyon & 3rd place with 3 pieces of Halcyon

The reward will be inserted to the respective guild master’s inventory within 72 hours.

Guild League Matches & Advancing Bracket

The matches will take place 3 consecutive days with the winners advancing to the next round.

Day 1 - 14th March 2022 : Qualifying Round
Day 2 - 15th March 2022 : Semi Final
Day 3 - 16th March 2022 : Battle For 3rd Place & Grand Final

Guild League Mechanics

Guild League Registration

Guilds that would like to participate will need to register by providing registration details at the forum once registration opens with an entry fee of 100K in Medal Token per Guild.

Registration Date : 9th of March 2022 - 11th of March 2022
Registration Fee : 100K (Medal Token) Per Guild
Note: Medal token(100K) has to be in the guild master’s inventory for successful registration process

The first 8 guilds to provide complete registration details as follows will be locked in for the Qualifying Round on Day 1.

Guild Registration Details:

  • Guild name:
  • Guild ID:
  • Guild master character name:
  • Medal token(100K) in guild master character inventory (YES/NO):


  • Obtain Guild name & Guild ID information here: Guild Statistics
  • Only registered guild ID’s will be allowed to enter the map so do not use a different guild once registered.

Guild League Rules & Regulations

If teammate die, can ress or not

Great! How about only +1 point, and no -1 point for dying? Since its only 10 minutes.

useless event, we already know the winner will be old player who monopoly this game, newbee only survive 5 minutes in this event, can you imagine beginner set or ring 3 set join this event and eliminated in first round and just watching old player (again and again), especially if trophy will be the reward make more gap between old player and new player, just feedback for admin create event for everyone can enjoy for the whole time event like previous guild war concept or something else,

Couldn’t say no to this statement. In this guild league, obviously the one with higher ring set will win. This actually make sense. I totally agree even though some will say “why don’t you upgrade your jewel set and weapon”. Well, I totally say no to giving out trophies as guild war reward even when its official. Bring back the old guild war, more fun.