[DISCUSSION] Fame Requirement On Final 4 Hours


Season 16’s Final 4 Hours that is set to take place at the Arena Battlegrounds on the 2nd of October 2021, 8PM to 11:59PM GMT+8 has a new proposition. The Final 4 hours is up for discussion to only allow Warfarians with a total fame of 450,001 and above to join the war that will conclude the Top Warfarians. During this, other maps such as Arcadia and the Battle Lohan will be offline and the fame gain will be disabled on all maps except at the Arena Battleground.

This is done to:

  1. Organize the Final 4 hour war
  2. Allow maximum concentration for those on the chase to become Top Warfarians
  3. To prevent bots that could feed fame and give an unfair advantage

Let us know about this proposition here with constructive feedback and suggestions.