Classic RYL server POSSIBLE?

Hello fellow RYL Warfarian and Admin

I believe majority of us here have been thru the long history of RYL and enjoying this game since CIB era. :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoy the fun of leveling, questing, parting, soloing and struggling to spend hundred of hours leveling in order to qualified to enter MAP 3 and opponent race map 2 to PVP.:laughing: and the accomplishment of being the top 10 highest level player in the server :rofl: (eg: hard time leveling at level90 above).

But all these fun was gone since the penetration of the VACUUM HACK & enhance bug last time. :pensive:

However you all managed to fix and improve it in this server. So I am wondering is that possible you can host a classic server without EXP & GOLD boost so those old players like me can join and have all the fun as last time.

PS: I know hosting a server is not free. I don’t mind to pay a certain amount of monthly fee per account basis in order to support the server because i really do hope i can gain back those fun.

Dear @qweasd147
many other private servers have tried to host a low rate classic server in the past, but alot of them have failed, why?

  1. The majority of RYL player are in their 30’s, they do not have alot of time to invest in the game
  2. Current generation of RYL players prefer PVP over PVM
  3. Low rate servers have failed because there will be a major gab in terms of a player that invests alot of time vs a newbie who wants to play for fun. This will cause the population to decrease over time as the player who has invest alot of time will dominate newer players. Players generally do not like being killed over and over.
  4. The original RYL v600 is generally unbalance by default. We have constantly done minor improvements over the span of 11 years to achieve the current balance we have in game.
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sad…but that’s the true fun of the RYL right?

That’s how RYL so success and popular last time.

Players can enjoy those unique elements that only found in RYL.

  1. WASD control
  2. PvP especially beaten higher level player
  3. Party leveling with players to build the RYL community.
  4. Party to raid the map 3 CZ and GW. No battle lohan last time
  5. Party to kill map 3 boss abomy.
  6. Low level player hunting in opponent map 2. It is irritating but somehow I enjoy the fun of being hunt or hunting. BOTH
  7. Sacrifice 100% exp rate and 50% fame to join peace party.
  8. The accomplishment of achieve the certain level to enter map 2 / map 3.
  9. Nice trading system… Full stats item sell in good price due to low rate dropping.

Your server is the smoothest server I have ever seen since the CIB server. Low latency… (private server like underground/torment tend to have high latency especially picking up the item… 0.5-1sec per picked)

May I suggest give it a try and promoting the true fun of RYL to new players and us old folks.

It just my 2 cent opinion. Cheers

In order to level your character up to Level 95 with beginner items, you will take about 30 minutes. This allows new players to participate in wars directly without the need of grinding for months.

However, if you would want to progress your character further, you may opt to level the character up to Level 97. This process could take several months. You will gain a slight advantage by being level 97. You have 2 more skill points and higher attributes compared to a level 95.

There are active bossing parties in Warfare where players raid bosses in map 2 and map 3. You are advice to level up in a party as it would be much faster compared to solo leveling.

View this guide here for more info

You can also hunt farmers around the Caernovan which would irritate the farmers :slight_smile:
You may also farm for items and sell it for a decent price in the Mercatura map

We really appreciate your time and feedback.
Thank you

i like old times very harder to lvling and get everything, u kill one and win 50 fame, you die you lose 100 fame haha