Best Attacker Build?

Hi Everyone!

Hope you guys can share some advise and tips on two type of attacker build which i notice both are pretty common which hard for me to decide on which to go for.

120con / full dex
Pros :
Higher crit rate
Higher cooldown (by 1 sec+ ?)
Run faster
Cons :
Low def - too squishy

140 cons/ full dex
Pros :
Higher survival rates from better armor sets
Cons :
Low crit

Otherwise non-crit dmg i would assume it would be as equal on both build (if weap & accessories are the same on both).

I would assume that 120 con would be the way to go, but I notice a few of top rank attacker are using 140 con build. Is there any benefits/advantage from 140 build instead that I missed to see? or any other META that u guys care to share? would highly appreciated.

Thank you!