A suggestion that makes sense

The 4th tab in our inventory has been useless since day 1. Why don’t you just open it up for normal items, since even quest items don’t go there? It would help everyone a lot since there’ll be more space in their inventory. We all know most of us are struggling in inventory management. I know this was already suggested before but this needs to be added to the game.

Please bump so it gets proper attention.

Hello @kitmanz the current 4th tab is only available in the client side UI and there is no backend code to support it at the moment. It is also simply too complex to update the inventory system in an outdated game engine created a decade ago. Our team is currently working on another method to resolve this issue.

Would there be compatibility issues if you just use RYL2’s code for it? I remember playing on an RYL2 server before that has 4 tabs of inventory.