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Medal Stall minimum value list [Marketplace] (1)

Medal Stall minimum value system A. This is implemented to control the value of top tier items and control inflation B. Provide a secured trading platform to minimize scam/stolen items.

# Crescent Charm (Donati…

Gm ryl warfare [Buy] (4)
B>Gunner GL set = Medals [Buy] (5)
Wts/Wtt > R Gun +7 135-166 18 11 26hpr 6mpr [Marketplace] (1)
Wtb > R CrossBow +7 or +8 [Buy] (1)
Trade and sell some items [Trade] (9)
Buy Gold Glove 140con [Buy] (1)
Sell Gold Mage Armor, CCOP(D) [Sell] (1)
Delete posts [Sell] (1)
Sell Dagger R [Sell] (1)
Deletee post [Trade] (1)
Sell Rune/Life Gold Set = Medal [Sell] (2)
Sell Gunner Gold Set = Medal [Sell] (2)
Sell Akkan Rampage Sword +8 = Medal [Sell] (2)
Medals or HMmmm [Sell] (1)
All human item trade or sell pm inbox thk [Marketplace] (1)
Pm FB Mage VC tq [Trade] (2)
Trade or sell bgl [Buy] (1)
Bgl armor 160dex+7 akkan [Marketplace] (1)
1set amor and 1 set dagger to buy [Buy] (1)
Sell R Gun +7 semi top and nice [Sell] (1)
2 Part GL 140con (A) [Marketplace] (1)
Sell or trade to soc item pm or inbox my fb-kokwei chew [Sell] (1)
Sell or trade [Trade] (6)
BGL mage set & trophy [Trade] (6)
Come and See [Trade] (7)
Buy COB +3 [Buy] (5)
Buy 165con rampage set for defender semi/top pm me [Buy] (7)
Looking for COB+3A / NOE+3B [Buy] (6)
Selling 160 set [Sell] (1)