[QUEST] How to obtain Jewelry Ang Pau

Here is a simple guide on how to obtain the Jewelry Ang Pau.

A. Mutant Invasion Quest for Jewelry Ang Pau

Note: The monster’s that you are hunting in these quest lines may drop unique items that are useful for the Rampage quest so if you are planning to do the Rampage quest in the future, it is advised to keep those unique items for the rampage quest line here : [QUEST] A guide for the Rampage quest - #2

Additional Information.
You may also obtain Jewelry Ang Pau through monster drop.

These group of monsters has a chance to drop Jewelry Ang Pau:

Enraged Warrior
Enraged Archer
Enraged Attacker
Enraged ShadowOff
Enraged Gunner
Enraged Defender
Enraged Enchanter
Enraged Priest
Enraged Lifeoff
Enraged Templer

Colossal Warrior
Colossal Archer
Colossal Attacker
Colossal ShadowOff
Colossal Gunner
Colossal Defender
Colossal Enchanter
Colossal Priest
Colossal Lifeoff
Colossal Templer

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